Flowers need time to bloom…

Hello dears,
How are you all doing? I haven’t been able to do any photo shooting lately but I have been working on some new resin creations which I am very excited to show you.  We are still in lockdown here in Albania and aren’t able to stay out after 8PM which makes it a little bit hard for me to go out of town and shoot some pictures to express my ideas properly. But what can I do? Right now I am just feeling grateful that the famous Corona Virus pushed me to try this whole new hobby and teach me how to trust the timing! So as long as we are in lockdown, I will keep on experimenting with resin! 

Resin Coaster

This collection was inspired by some little pink flowers my grandmother gave me. She loves gardening and has always been a plant mom! She said that these flowers were sick and she had to take them off the vase so she better give them to me. I fell in love with that pink and chose the brightest color palette ever. I used some oil paint in green and some glitter too. Hope you like them!

Jewelry Box

“Flowers need time to bloom…So do you!”

Vase / Candle Holder and it’s coaster
Spring Pendants

This is it for this collection! I hope you enjoyed this post and send me a message on my IG: to order your favorite handmade item! World wide shipping!


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