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Flower of Life

Hello dear readers,
I’m so excited to share with you a new handmade fashion brand I have found called Sure Design. Sure Design is a sister brand of Thai Harem Pants so I ordered some products without a second thought. This brand comes from the creative depths of Bangkok, Thailand with highly original products. There you can find the coolest printed designs of different styles such as funky, psychedelic, spiritual designs which fit in all shapes and sizes. I’m in love with the super soft and stretchy cotton material they use in every clothing making it very comfortable and good looking.

What I ordered was this wonderful tank dress in olive green color with a sacred geometry mandala design “Flower of Life”. There’s also a beautiful moon shaped in the phase I like most. The material is crinkled cotton which does not need ironing and is also machine washable. I mean what’s better than that? All these qualities make the clothing very light when worn and breathable. You can wear it everyday during summer, at the beach, in festivals or when doing yoga for you can move easily, feel comfortable and good looking too. #suredesignshirts

If you are interested to order such clothes Sure Designs comes with various collections of shirts, T-shirts, dresses, harem pants, hoodies for men and women. You can also use my discount code “CIRCLEOFKURISU” for 10% OFF for every item. World wide and very fast shipping!

Stay updated on Sure Design’s Social Media accounts:

Part of the outfit were also these adorable tie dye leggings by Thai Harem Pants. As always this brand didn’t disappoint me! Very fast shipping and good quality! Love the electric tie dye design and the stretchy and very soft cotton material. You can find lots of tie dye or other styles of leggings and bohemian / yoga / festival clothing at:
– Use CIRCLEOFKURISU discount code for 10% OFF for every item!
World Wide Shipping! #harempantsdotcom

Stay updated on Thai Harem Pants’ Social Media accounts:

I was also wearing this seashell necklaces I have made these days with resin, beads and glitter. It’s colors matched with the outfit so I thought why not to take some pictures with it on. It glows in the dark because it’s filled with neon pigment especially the green part of it. Since you guys loved the seashell necklaces I have been creating more of them so stay tuned for the next collection. Hope you like it and send me a message if you are interested to purchase any of my handmade necklaces and keychains! I am delivering world wide!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and do not forget to take advantage of discounts for both shops with my code! Have fun shopping and have a positive start of the week!


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