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Fire my Will

Hello dears,
October finally knocked on our doors! It’s been my favorite season for a very long time! September has always felt like a month of refreshing and starting out after relaxing and getting inspired during Summertime. While October is like the cherry on the top after closing a well organized Virgo season of getting back to work and other activities. Even nature starts to change in wearing different tones of colors. All so Earth tones which I adore…starting from yellow to orange, RED and brown. The whole city takes another view of a common pattern. Talking about the spooky parts, well it is firstly introduced by the sky! The grey colors and all the clouds start to gather…Besides the leaves, the wind and the grey of the rain, my eyes feel spoiled every time they see pumpkins around. It’s Halloween season!

If you have ever read my old blog, you would know how obsessed I have always been with all the celebration of Halloween. It has started since I was a kid, inspired by movies, to celebrate Halloween in my country where it hasn’t even been as a culture as part of our lifestyle. Every year I would think of the right costumes to wear and crave pumpkins which would also fit with my outfit…it was like the best theme of my blog and…life? haha. For more of my previews costumes, find my Old Blog up at the first sectors of the page.

“Earth my Body.
Air my Breath.
Fire my Will.
Water my Blood.”

This year, in collaboration with SmeRuci we came up with the image of this Witch! A mysterious woman dressed in black who seems like is drowning in pain. Watching her magical jewelry and clothing makes her concept behind feel more powerful than just sadness. It represents a sort of an Alter Ego created after dealing with pain of any kind. It is said that those with capacity to feel great pain are also those with capacity to feel great joy. And if I would have mentioned the best well thought sentence after watching this photoshoot I would have said: Those who fall hard, rise gloriously!

Photography: SmeRuci
Modeling: Circle of Kurisu
Jewelry: SmeRuci
Make up: Smeralda Lami
Modeling: SmeRuci , Circle of Kurisu

Feeling Spooky already? Halloween is just around the corner! Time to watch some Tim Burton movies, make hot tea, enjoy the transformation and work on your dreams. And don’t forget to crave your pumpkin and cast some spells.
Magic is all around!


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