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Hello my dears,
I am so excited to share another freshly made photoshoot! This time I felt lucky it was a sunny Saturday again so I could shoot in peace. There is no better place to enjoy the Sun than Nature and you already know how much connected I am with Mother Gaia. Since I chose the word “Earthing” for the title of this article, here’s a short explenation: Earthing also known as grounding refers to contact with the Earth’s surface electrons by walking barefoot outside or sitting, working, or sleeping indoors connected to conductive systems, some of them patented, that transfer the energy from the ground into the body.

Some days ago, a friend of mine, asked me to model for her handcrafted jewelry and I couldn’t refuse her offer. I love love working and collaborating with artists who share the same values and culture as mine. For me it’s just a great experience because I get to know these artists more and the time and conversations we share together are so valuable! It’s so awesome when artists meet…there’s so much to share, talk and create! This is one of the main reasons why I really love what I do!

“Mystic Essence” is the name of this jewelry brand based in Albania which I totally recommend to all of you! Go check it’s instagram page and send a DM to order: – There you will find magical handmade adornments inspired by nature, fantasy and ancient world. They are all made with different materials and healing crystals!
World Wide Shipping!

These necklaces are made with polymer clay in a shape of Bonsai Trees with little mushrooms around and crystals such as Clear Quartz clusters, Labradorite and raw Amethyst. Aren’t they adorable?

The girl behind Mystic Essence, sent me some pictures of the jewelry she wanted me to wear for the photoshoot so I started thinking of an outfit that would fit with their style and colors. The moment I saw those tiny mushrooms in the pendant, I immediately thought of my Magic Mushroom Hoodie in Green by Sure Design. I have been living in this hoodie during Autumn for it’s the softest hoodie I have ever had.

You can easily find it by typing Magic Mushroom Hoodie in Green at and in case you’re shopping around, use my code CIRCLEOFKURISU for 10% OFF! They deliver world wide and I can assure you that the shipping is very fast, you will see! I think that everyone would enjoy the hoodie because it literally feels like wearing nothing! The material is crinkled cotton which is a distinctive feature of the brand. And oh, the illustration printed on it it’s super cute and funky.
I love it!

What could fit better than some earthy tie dye leggings? Since I have found Thai Harem Pants I have been obsessed with the tie dye leggings they design. This is my third pair and I know I will order again and again in the future! Different from all the other designs, these one have these ropes at the bottom that you can stylize however you want. I decided to twist them like in the picture above and wrap them around my legs. I loved how the whole outfit turned out. Check all the designs at and don’t forget to add my voucher code: CIRCLEOFKURISU for a discount! World wide shipping straight from Thailand!

That’s it for this article. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!
PS: Don’t forget to ground yourself as much as possible!

Lots of Love,

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