“Down-to-Earth” – Neon Necklaces Collection

Hello dears,
It’s time to show you another resin collection I have been preparing these days with so much love! Remember that “gradient” effect I wanted to achieve in the previous collection? Well, I guess this time I made it! I tried this time using two different pendant molds and the whole secret was to let the first pigmented resin dry a little bit in the mold and then you can add the other one! It’s all about timing and math with handmade pieces made out of epoxy resin. So this time I also wanted to use more stuff to decorate my necklaces. Usually I save everything on Earth when it comes to old jewelries and accessories and sometimes when they are very old or broken, I keep what I think I will use one day in the future. This time I had some gemstone beads collected so I thought to use them. While preparing the resin, my boyfriend and my best friend got inspired to help me so they got an idea to crave some pieces of wood. I had no clue what they were doing but they came up with some cute mushrooms that I really liked. So, basically this time I have used many different materials and that’s what came up:

Can you tell the gradient effect? That’s what I was talking about! It starts with green pigment from the bottom then a bit of blue and up is a garnet gemstone bead from the other materials I mentioned. After the bead you can see that the material is completely transparent and then comes the wooden mushroom.

The second mushroom it’s made of wood too and carved in small holes to create the idea of the spores. I also dyed it around with resin with a bit of neon yellow pigment. The holes of the mushroom glow a bit like yellow in the dark.

The third mushroom is a bit different and a smaller one. It doesn’t have any spores but it’s chapel is black so I decided to put it completely inside of one of my pendant molds. The pendant is filled with neon yellow and green pigments. I also added a bit of purple which ended up at the bottom of the pendant when it cured.

The yellow one also the pendant which shines the most is filled with pieces from the hidden texture of a sea shell I found by the shore of a beach in Mui Ne, Vietnam.

The last necklace is made out of a transparent pendant filled with neon blue pigment, a garnet bead and three white agate beads. Garnet is a gemstone which promotes grounding and is known as a protective energy stone. It helps you feel grounded, secure and safe. While the white Agate stone brings harmony to the daily routine and a sense of mental peace.

This is it! I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my handmade neon necklaces and if you are interested to buy any, you can reach me through my contacts here or you can direct message me in my social media accounts.


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