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Dancing beneath the Moon…

Hello lovelies! How was your Halloween this year? As I was describing on the previous post, I got myself very involved on this Witchy photoshoot with two other beautiful and talented girls. I had never worn a Witch costume before for Halloween because for me, being a Witch for Halloween was just too mainstream haha. But this time with the help of the talented SmeRuci I got the best Witchy image I could get! Got to love the cape, the handmade jewelry and of course the amazing Make Up by the hands of the Mama Witch, Smeralda! I’m so happy that this time participated also a very good friend of mine, Judit who completed the whole image of three Witches, so different on the looks but with the same purpose! Diversity above all! Enjoy our magic show!

Photography: @smeruci 
Models: @le_kurisu , @smeraldalami , @juditjakova 
Make Up: @smeraldalami 
Styling: @le_kurisu , @smeruci 
Jewelry: @smeruci 
Location: @gaialakefarm 

This year I had the most different Halloween from all the previous years! As long as I’m staying in Vietnam, it’s just too different to get into the spooky mood where there is no Autumn! Tropical weather kind of distracted me but I’m so glad that people here take it very seriously even though there are no orange leaves and grey skies. Every bar, clubs or shops were fully decorated for Halloween. Even at schools they take a celebration on this date for the kids. During the Halloween night I was wearing some green Elven ears I bought here which made me look more like a Goblin and I danced the whole night with them on. Met lots of lovely people who enjoy Halloween as much as I do! After all, this was my first Halloween abroad and even though there is no October vibes, it was the best Halloween ever!

What about your costume? Let me know in the comments below.
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