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Da Lat – The City of Eternal Spring

Hello everyone and welcome to this new article dedicated to a new city I just visited in Vietnam. It’s called Da Lat or Đà Lạt and is the capital of Lâm Đồng Province in southern Vietnam’s Central Highlands. The first thing I noticed on the road there were the endless evergreen forests with very high and thin trees which created a perfect wreath. I’m sure they were the highest trees I have ever seen in my life. Da Lat’s specific sights are pine woods that’s why it is also called “City of thousands of pine trees”. So, it’s been so many months that I hadn’t seen a pine tree and it was actually really surprising that there were many in Da Lat. It lies in the altitude of 1,500 m and covered by ranges of mountain and pine forests and as a result, the weather is pretty cool and the climate is mild all year round. So basically as a mountain town, different from all other cities in central and south Vietnam, Da Lat’s climate is not that tropical. And and that’s amazing for the Sun is not too strong during the day and the air is still fresh and cool you don’t get sweaty at all no matter how much you walk! During the night is as cold as wearing a hoodie or a jacket. Sounds like the perfect kind of weather to me! For making this contrast this city is also called “City of Eternal Spring”. But if I would ever compare the climate atmosphere with another city, it definitely reminded me of Pogradec, in Albania especially during Summer. Sunny and refreshingly cool days…Yeah, the perfect kind of weather!

In the center of the city there is a lake surrounded by a park full of trees and flowers. As a place where there is Spring everyday, all the flowers bloom at different times of the year the whole year! All the geography and climate elements make this city filled with flowers such as: roses, mimosas, peach blossoms, hydrangea flowers, orchids, gladiolus, sunflowers etc. At the lake you can take boats for rent which are shaped as swans and you can pedal it around the lake and enjoy the round view of the city and the relaxing wind.

If you love visiting spiritual places, you should definitely check the Statue of Golden Buddha which is 24 m high sat in the lotus position that is a cross-legged sitting posture originating in meditative practices of ancient India, in which the feet are placed on the opposing thighs. There is also a monastery called Thiền viện Vạn Hạnh which is surrounded by green gardens, lush palm trees and other Buddha statues in different positions. Inside the the monastery there we found a group of artisans, artists, sculptors, painters and crafters who were working on Buddha and Spiritual statues. It was amazing to walk around and watch that fascinating work. Places like this really do give me a sense of peacefulness reminding me to be present and enjoying the flow.

Golden Buddha Statue

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So this is it for today, there is a lot more to write about my experience in Da Lat but I guess I will be posting again these days so stay tuned and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Wish you a good day ahead!


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