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It’s that time of the year again…The time when Nature starts to bloom and so do we. It’s the time when we say good bye to the Old Man Winter and open the door to the Colorful Spring Lady. I see Spring as a Woman for it is the season of rebirth and the energy feels so soft and feminine…The day is longer, the Sun shines brighter and we get rid of some layers of clothing, making us feel more free. This is a period of deep cleansing starting from the house, our wardrobe but also for our Souls.

Spring reminds me of my best potential, my higher self and what I can do to be her every day. Spring reminds me of Love as the Venus Season is just around the corner. Spring reminds me how important love is and I see it in Nature. How Nature gets back to it’s best potential by turning so green and so full of flowers and colors and light after a long, cold and dark Winter. It’s the cycle of Nature and cycle of Life and it reminds me that every dark period serves us to wake up to our best selves so we can be stronger, wiser and love more. You just need to trust the process and be open to feel all the feelings. Just as there are no mistakes and coincidences in nature, so in our lives, everything happens for a reason, regardless of how painful and tiring some events may seem. Some things are destined to happen for our highest good. All you need to do is to believe and love yourself so you can love Nature, so you can love others, so you can love your life and realize how wonderful it is that you are given the chance to exist and experience LIFE with all that it offers.

~ Photoshooting during a Spring Day at the park because I wanted to capture the moments when the first flowers are at the peak of their bloom. Don’t they look wonderful?

I was wearing these brand new items I just got from  Sure Design Clothing and Thai Harem Pants . I couldn’t resist this sweater dress because it looks so elven and is perfect for Spring Weather. The material is super soft and warm. I love it’s pointed side and of course the big hood that can cover all of my hair.

You can find similar dresses and sweaters at the Pixie Collection on: where you can use my code CIRCLEOFKURISU for 10% Discount! World wide shipping straight from Thailand!

Part of this outfit were another pair of tie dye leggings that I ordered at Thai Harem Pants. This time I chose malachite green with a mix of brown. They are made with super buttery-soft and stretchy cotton spandex blend fabrics which makes them perfect to exercise and do yoga also!
Visit: for more designs of leggings but also other items such as harem pants, jumpsuits, kimonos, dresses and also handmade jewelry.
Use the same code CIRCLEOFKURISU for 10% OFF!

On these websites & you can also find handmade jewelries and accessories like the macrame earrings I am wearing. I am literally in love with this pair!

I was also wearing this adorable belt bag which is also very elven and it looks very well with the rest of the outfit. This back is handmade by an Elf Friend based in Greece whom I love so much. Check out her shop online: Chaosmatic Clothing where you can order unique items made with love!

The crystal Necklace is handmade by my dear friend Mystic Lunativa. This is one of my most favorite necklaces ever! You can check out and order handmade jewelry on her Etsy:

This is the shop I go to every time I want to buy macrame, sculpted and crystal jewelries. I highly recommend her work!

I hope you enjoyed this article and wish you all an amazing Spring Season!


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