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“The end of Summer is not the end of the world. Here’s to October!”
– A. A. Millne

Hello there folks and hello October! I am so happy that I am finally enjoying October after a year of spending it in the tropics. It feels so nice to feel a bit of cold again and watching the nature change in colors. I wanted to start this month properly so I decided to do a photoshoot with a sweet friend who is also a photographer. We went into the woods and shoot this story. Hope you like it!

Photo Credit: A M A L

The magical clothing are made by a talented fashion designer based in Thessaloniki, Greece. The brand is called Chaosmatic Clothing & Accessories and I am already obsessed with all the designs and the wonderful artist who brings them to life, Elfen Matilda. All the items are mostly exclusive and handmade where every product has it’s own history.

I ordered these unique Orange Mandala Mitten Gloves which are also perfect for this kind of weather. The material is soft and stretchy enough. Love them!

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Chaosmatic C&A accepts also made to order projects! Yaay! So, this crop top with hood I am wearing is my personalized order. I saw this design in other previous projects and it was love at first sight. The pattern reminds me of rose windows which I have always been obsessed with. Also the size of the hood creates such a beautiful shape making it look more magical and mysterious. I ordered mine in red and it has turned out perfect for my eyes!

Chaosmatic C&A is inspired by humans, by utility, by aesthetics, by music, by nature and dreams. Perfect kind of clothing to wear in music festivals too! Stylish, magical and most importantly, comfortable! No wonder how this outfit put me in a fantasy kind of state while shooting.

Part of the outfit were also these gorgeous Dragon earrings I have ordered at Wildfrika which is an Afro-Asian inspired slow fashion brand that represents a fusion of modern designs and exotic fabrics. All the products are ethically handmade in a studio in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and they ship world wide!

Wildfrika Etsy Shop:
Use the discount code: CIRCLEOFKURISU for 10% OFF your order at checkout!

Special thanks to A M A L for being the best photographer to capture this photo set! It was so nice and fun working with her! She simply knows how to bring out the “wild” in me and capture it just like that!

Check her out and show some support:

Until next time,
with love,

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