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Remember that day I posted a seashell necklace on my Instagram Story? Well, I was very grateful to see that you guys were interested to see more seashell necklaces. The one I posted was my first experiment with a seashell in which I mixed the resin with all the gemstone beads I had left in my collection. It turned out very cute and I decided to keep it for myself as long as all the beads have been with me for a very long time now. Anyway, I have to say that I got way more motivated after I read your comments and I got fully convinced to work more with shells. Here is my first collection of seashell necklaces all for you! Hope you like them!

The shells I chose to work are found in the sea shore of Mui Ne beaches, Vietnam. I have never seen such beautiful shells in my whole life! Their texture was so full of waves it made me think of all the stories each one of them holds. How old are they? And how many years did it take for them to have that amazing texture and pattern? It was that exact moment that my brain started to thrive in ideas and I started to collect as much shells as I could. Those days I got really inspired to start and create more than I usually used to do…I kind of had a feeling that I wasn’t enough productive when it comes to my passions and things I do for the sake of pure fun and love. After those days at the beach, I met resin and silicon molds and together with all the other tools and accessories I had, they started to connect and today I’m still living with that joy! I love experimenting and I love trying new things especially when it comes to creating and spending time focusing on creating. It feels like a therapy to me even though it might cause some back and neck pain, it still helps me a lot to keep my thoughts focused on the process. The process also contains conversations from myself to myself about what I’m doing, my points of view, my actions, my mistakes along the way and their mending. These are those precious moments of me being present and active hoping this spirit never dies and no matter how life throws me, I hope I always find the way back to myself and these moments.

I made three necklaces and this is the most unique one. It has this orange color inside and it’s filled with aquamarine neon pigment which felt like the ocean. I added lots of glitter and little stars inside. In the middle there is a sphere which I prepared with resin before working on the shells. I thought it would look like a pearl in the middle of the shell and I think I made it. What do you think?

This is how the necklaces look from the back.
And this is how they glow in the dark.

This design comes in two necklaces. I liked it so much I wanted to create a twin “sister”. The texture of the shell was darker from the inside so I mixed some neon green and blue pigments and prepared some rings which I put in the middle which creates this circle of an oasis filled with algae and mosses. There is lots of glitter in blue, green and purple and I love it how the ring and the rest of the resin filling glows in the dark.

So this is it! I hope you liked them and if you are interested to buy any do not hesitate to contact me here! You can write me on the comments below or easily find me in my social media accounts. I hope you are doing all fine and sending love all the way!

Until next time,

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