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Dear Blog,
Here I come with a new post sharing a another boho – hippie look. Before I continue writing about the main theme of this article I’d love to share my happiness and gratitude about the month of May. It’s finally sunny and warm enough to get back to my beloved summer clothes! Yay! 

I was wearing these adorable pants by my main source, Thai Harem Pants. You already know I’m a big fan of the drop crotch style and especially the Peacock design. This time I chose the green pair which looked very nicely with this olive crop top. If you would like to order some cute pants like these you can order them at with 10% OFF by using the discount code CIRCLEOFKURISU / World wide shipping straight from Thailand! 

When I saw these pictures, the first thing that came into my mind was the word “Boho” but what does it really mean? “Boho” is a shortened form of Bohemian and typifies a style of dress inspired by the lifestyle of free spirits and hippies of the 1960s and 1970s, frequently references what people wore to the original Woodstock music festival and even the pre Raphaelite women of the late 19th century. Bohemian style is more than just a fashion trend, it’s an actual culture in its own right, one that comes with a very specific ideology and complicated history because it actually started out as a counterculture.

Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people. It involves musical, artistic, literary, or spiritual pursuits. In this context, bohemians may be wanderers or adventurers. Like hippies, bohemians are free-spirited romantics and refuse to dress in order to conform. Also called ‘boho chic’ or ‘boho’, the style features a variety of natural materials and earthy shades. The fashions labeled as bohemian represent the lifestyle ideology that comes with it: an alternative to the traditional way of dressing, paired up with an equally alternative, more liberated lifestyle and a social stance against everything from materialism to society’s constraints. As a general rule, bohemian designs incorporate natural materials in nature occurring shades and designs inspired by art and rustic elements, ethnic, folk and floral patterns. Also characterized by long flowing or tiered skirts and dresses, ethnic touches like handcrafted jewelry, embroidery often layered and colorful.

Today, the wide variety of boho clothing and accessories make the style an actual phenomenon, one that follows the lines of effortless, relaxed fashion, with its loose fitted clothing items, casual accessories and overall artistic, creative mishmash of elements. 

Nothing feels better than yoga in the nature. Who’s with me? I am so happy to have found this gorgeous yoga mat bag with Ganesha Design. It is big enough to hold any yoga mat and it’s so comfy and flexible. You can order it at where you can find it with different colors too. Use the code CIRCLEOFKURISU to save some coin! 

Part of my boho outfit were also these adorable handmade jewelry made by my dear friend Mystic Lunativa. I chose these macrame necklaces and bracelets designed with black strings and different crystals like Moonstone, Clear Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Tiger’s eye and Howlite. Check her jewelry out on Etsy and Instagram. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and wish you all a wonderful week! 

Lots of Love,

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