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Bloom with Grace

Hello dears,
So today I’m going to show you a piece of my little journey at the Zoo & Botanical Garden of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This incredible city holds many wonders around the corners. For example, you can find temples, pagodas, museums and galleries in every kind of street. Even when it seems like there’s nothing interesting there…right in front of you is a big forest when you can enter and visit animals and plants. The weather here is Tropical and as I have mentioned before, I’m still into phases of getting used to the hottest October of my life. My body and hair are adapting to the new air, new climate, new way of living and everything else. Besides, Saigon is a very chaotic city, so what’s better than a sweet escape in the rain at the Botanical Garden which is inside the city?

That moment when I saw the Elephant… The feelings are real! I felt so sorry for all those sweet creatures for not being home even though the whole Zoo was like a giant forest and the whole ecosystem was suitable for each of them. Every kind of animal had their own home just like it should be. Each member of a family had their own cave in cases of raining and everything else. All the workers were very caring and I loved every detail of it. I hope all those animals are not sad there and maybe their body, hair and soul has adapted just like mines have to do in this new world! I just can’t describe the excitement I felt for standing that close to giraffes, hippos, monkeys, leopards, snakes, crocodiles, flamingos and many wonderful plants whose aroma was so special and of course, the adorable big trees!

In love with the greenery of this place but also missing the orange Octobers.
Ah human beings!

Lots of Love from Vietnam,

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