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Dear Blog,
It’s summertime, and you know what that means – time to chill a bit and soak up the good stuff around us. During these precious months, I find it liberating to grant myself a gentle respite from the relentless pursuit of productivity and embrace the beauty of being present in the moment. I like to take it easy and enjoy all the things I can’t do the rest of the year. I’m talking about hitting the beach, getting out in nature, going to some vibrant Psy Festivals, reuniting with my cherished soul tribe and friends to have a blast together. Summer is all about socializing and embracing the awesome things this time of year has to offer. Lately, I’ve been traveling around, working on music, and spending quality time outdoors with my people. These experiences pump me up and keep me going strong, giving me the motivation to tackle my projects when the timing is just right.

This time I am delighted to share with you some pictures I took in nature during these very hot summer days. The whole outfit I am wearing is by  Lotus Tribe Clothing – a brand that holds a special place in my heart as one of my all-time favorites! What sets this brand apart is its unwavering commitment to eco-friendliness, crafting ethically-made products from plant-based fabrics that leave no harmful footprints on our precious environment. You know what’s even cooler? For every item you buy from Lotus Tribe, they plant a tree! So, when you shop with them, you’re not just getting cool clothes, but you’re also helping out nature and all of us by adding one more tree to our big home.
Let’s appreciate brands like Lotus Tribe Clothing that do their part to take care of our planet. It’s great to see fashion and nature coming together like this. Each piece of clothing becomes a little reminder to be mindful of our environment and do our part in keeping it healthy for the future.

This time I decided to create a monochrome look with these two pieces that match very well with each other. The Forest Blissed Out Crop was love at first sight! I love the forest green color but also it’s built in bra which I makes the life much easier for you don’t need to wear a bra during this very hot season which comes with a lot of sweat… It also has adjustable straps to fit your size and scrunched center puckering between the breasts. Perfect to wear in festivals but also for yoga or just hanging out.

The Forest Festival Skirt is now one of my favorite mini skirts in my wardrobe! I also have another one in Onyx (Black) which I love so I didn’t think twice before ordering the green one. I am obsessed with asymmetrical designs for they give the whole look a very Faery vibe! It is also very soft, light and stretchy! Aren’t they such a perfect combo? Order yours: and add my Discount Code: CIRCLEOFKURISU for 20% OFF the price! World wide shipping!

Choose your favorite color:

What is the main essential you cannot go to any festival without? For me is definitely the utility bags or belt bags/pockets! They are really a MUST if you want to enjoy the festival hands free from bags when you’re dancing, walking around etc. Why holding bags when you can have all your essentials wrapped around your waist? The Onyx utility bag has two pockets on the front and the biggest one is on the back. Also it’s adjustable wrap makes it possible to fit on any waist size!

I hope this season is treating you well too, and all our readers are having a blast soaking in the goodness.

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