B for Balance

Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness and through this awareness we can grow. Lately I’ve realized that everything surrounding you is all under your control. Whatever you decide to do, remember that you either hold on to it or just let it go. We’re the things we do, think, say, eat, feel, we’re made of them and there’s nothing that can control you as long they’re you. It is you who has the power to control your mind, your dreams, desires, pleasures. Deal with them to become real. Learn to live between effort and surrender. Do yourself a favor and go under the risk. Find your limits and choose your destiny calculating your moments of activity, thoughts, expressions, moments, joy and sadness. I consider myself a bunch of conflicting statements but it feels so good to know. 
Photography by: Mariola Mocka

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