Angel Wings – Neon Necklaces made with resin

Hello there,
This is my new collection of handmade jewelry! This time I came up with three necklaces in a water drop shape. This time I wanted the pendant to look not only shiny but I was also hoping for a colorful reflection of them. So I used this “plastic paper” part of a toy which had this colorful reflection effect or a mesmerizing pattern would be the right word. I cut it in three equal pieces, small enough to fill in the molds and I also used a bit of light blue neon pigment. When the pendants were cured all I could visualize were “Angel wings” because of the shape of that mesmerizing paper but also the blue color turned like a sky blue and God I love the reflection effect. Whenever you move the pendants, there you can see a new color, just like a rainbow. I’m so excited with the final look, I guess I should use this technique more often. What do you think?

Picture when the lights are OFF

“Until you spread your wings, you will have no idea how far you can fly!”

This is it! I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my handmade neon necklaces and if you are interested to buy any, you can reach me through my contacts here or you can direct message me in my social media accounts.



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