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All of the Neon Lights!

Dear Blog,
After enjoying my Holidays in Mũi Né, it’s time to get back in the noisy and incredible city of Saigon. It’s exactly this chaos that reminded me why I like this city so much. So I decided to document myself in some scenes in one of the most well known streets, “Bùi Viện”. It’s a big street located in District 1 which is always crowded and definitely a must visit if you’re traveling around Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The first thing I noticed was all those beautiful lights and so many colors everywhere. There are a lot of shops, bars, clubs, restaurants, spa centers, Hotels, markets etc…Actually you can find everything in Bui Vien…Oh there are also lots of Tattoo Studios so keep notes! You can find a huge number of people selling street food there. Vietnamese dishes are worth a try in this cool area. If not a fan of street food, there are also lots of western restaurants with many options. Don’t forget to try the Vietnamese beers and drink lots of them! I mean the weather here just makes it perfect to have a couple of beers or three…

I really like the decorations in every facade of each building. There are used lots of Chinese style decorations, UV Neon Lights, multicolored charts etc. When I first saw the big picture of this street before entering, I was like “This is exactly what Asian countries would be drawn in my head!” but then when I entered, I realized that I have to be very careful for that place is so full of people and motorbikes, your precious items might probably get stolen. I’m just saying…

What makes this street so crazy is also the loud sound which comes from every club and bar possible! So if you are planing to have a relaxing night in the city, do not go in Bui Vien. But if you’re willing to experience an asian fun night with friends, drinks, music, games or whatever you wish to do, that’s the place to go!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
See you soon,

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